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You Can Go To A Rave Inside Of A Gigantic Glacier

You Can Go To A Rave Inside Of A Gigantic Glacier

As if there weren’t already enough to look forward to at Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival – three days of 24/7 sunshine, soundtracked by legendary artists like the Wu Tang Clan, FKA Twigs, Flight Facilities, Moodyman and TEED – the organisers have well and truly raised the stakes with a unique off-site event. Now, the festival will also feature the world’s first “ice rave” inside of Europe’s second-largest glacier, Langjökull.


For $290 a head (on top of the $192 festival ticket price), 70 festival-goers will be bussed from the festival site to the glacier on the night of June 20 in ice-exploration vehicles that have been retired from NASA.


Upon arrival, they’ll be treated to a tour of the ice cave system and drinks at the exclusive bar, before being serenaded by DJs TEED and Artwork until morning.


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