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Love Iceland? Love Beer? Read On

Love Iceland? Love Beer? Read On

Enjoying a drink while bathing is nothing new, but what about actually bathing in beer?

Iceland has just outdone itself by announcing the country’s first ever “beer spa”. It’s exactly how it sounds: literally a spa full of beer. And you’re invited to hop right in.

The beer spa has just opened in Árskógssandur, a small village about a half an hour’s drive from Akureyri. Named Bjórböðin, there are seven baths, each made from Kambala wood and fitting one or two people each. Most of the spas are indoors, although two large outdoor hot tubs are available for groups of up to 10 people, offering superb views of nearby lakes and mountains.


The baths are filled with beer, hops and yeast (as well as water), heated to 38 degrees celsius, and are apparently great for your hair, skin and general wellbeing. Visitors are invited to soak for 25 minutes, before heading into a relaxation room for another 25 minutes. It’s also encouraged to not bathe for at least four hours after, allowing the beer to fully soak into your skin for maximum effect.


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While people of all ages are welcome to sit in the baths, visitors over 20 years old will also be able to drink a beer at the same time (don’t worry – the beer didn’t come from the spa).

Bjórböðin also runs a full restaurant and bar, meaning the whole experience will be unforgettable, indulgent, and delicious from start to end. What’s more, it’s super reasonably priced, starting at around $120AUD for two people or $65.60AUD for one.

(All images: Bjórböðin/Facebook)

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