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Three Aussie Joints Made It Into The World’s 50 Best Bars 2020 List, Which Calls For A Cocktail

Three Aussie Joints Made It Into The World’s 50 Best Bars 2020 List, Which Calls For A Cocktail

Not even an unprecedentedly shit year could stop the World’s 50 Best Bars list coming out for 2020. In fact, one could argue we’re in more need of a drink this year than ever.

The best news is that this year, three Australian bars made it into the list, and all of them are from Sydney. What can I say, the city is obviously doing something right.

London joint, Connaught Bar took out top spot this year, Dante in New York came second, followed by The Clumsies in Athens and then Atlas in Singapore as fourth. Tayēr + Elementary, also in London, rounded out the top five, so I guess bar hoppers should be putting London on their post-Covid bucketlist.


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A little further down the list, just being edged out of the top 10, Maybe Sammy in Sydney scored 11th place. According to the judges, the element of surprise is what makes Maybe Sammy such a great bar.

“Each new visit to Maybe Sammy brings surprise. That surprise might arrive in the statuette form of a flamingo while you’re sipping on one of the best Martinis you’ve ever tasted (surreptitiously placed by a bartender when your back was turned); it might be when they break out the bubble gun for some mid-shift hijinks. And it has been that way since Maybe Sammy opened in 2019,” said the 50 Best Bars team.

The bar was also awarded the Michter’s Art of Hospitality in October from The World’s 50 Best Bars, which only one bar in the world gets each year. So yeah, time to book a table I reckon.


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Coming in at number 28 is Sydney’s Cantina OK!. The 50 Best Bars team called it “the kind of small, quirky bar common to Melbourne’s scene that fuelled the jealousy of Sydneysiders for years”.

“Mezcal and tequila are the main event,” they continued, “opened in a disused single car space big enough for just two bartenders to mix drinks.

The CBD bar is pretty hard to find, your only clue from the street are a couple of small mirrors picking up the light from Council Place, so happy hunting.

Finally for Australia, Bulletin Place in Sydney nabbed the 39th spot. This small bar — that yes, is on Bulletin Place in the city — is all about quality over quantity, offering just a very short cocktail list and an even smaller wine and beer selection.

“When owners Tim Philips-Johansson, Rob Sloan, and Adi Ruiz launched the bar in 2012, they may not have expected that their five-strong list of cocktails — changing each day depending on the seasonal fruit available at market — would still be growing in popularity season after season,” said the 50 Best Bars team.

“Other elements have come in through the years, like ferments and cordials and experiments to preserve the otherwise seasonal flavour of ingredients for use year-round”.

On ya, Sydney!

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