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Maybe Sammy Just Released A Pre-Made Trio Cocktail Pack You Can Order From Anywhere In Australia

Maybe Sammy Just Released A Pre-Made Trio Cocktail Pack You Can Order From Anywhere In Australia

There is next to nothing that I enjoyed about lockdown, with the only exceptions being wearing my pyjamas 24/7 and takeaway cocktails from the best bars in the city becoming a thing.

In fantastic news, now we can have our cake and drink it too. Ranked as the 11th best bar in the whole world by the 2020 World’s 50 Best Bar awards, Sydney bar Maybe Sammy has just released a super beautiful takehome collection with three 100mL single-serve cocktails.

“We wanted to provide a home drinking experience that tapped into our award-winning innovation and creativity,” explained co-owner Vince Lombardo in a statement.

“The fuss that often comes with creating cocktails at home, from trying to find a recipe to purchasing multiple bottles of spirits and mixers you probably won’t use again, has been removed so you’re free to enjoy your time with friends and family”.

The three cocktails in question are classics, but with a distinct Maybe Sammy twist of house-made infusions. There’s the Jasmine Negroni with Gin, Campari, Vermouth and Jasmine to “balance the traditionally robust profile of this classic cocktail, resulting in a clean, elegant finish”. Having tried all three for research purposes, I can confirm this one is my favourite.

Then there’s the Chamomile Martini mixing gin, vermouth, chamomile, pepper and cedar to create a statement martini that “is aromatic and full-bodied and with punchy floral notes”.

Finally, get your tastebuds around the Eucalyptus Gimlet combining tequila, mango, eucalyptus and grapefruit bitters for a “refreshingly delicate… party-pleaser. With tequila as a base, a unique mango dilution for texture and a house-made eucalyptus infusion that adds a touch of sweetness, it’s perfect for late nights and long stems”.

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“The creative focus was always on rebuilding classic drinks with floral and herbal infusions,” continued Lombardo. “It took intensive testing to land where we have with these three, and we think it was worth the wait”.

The best news is that you can order the three-pack from anywhere in Australia for $54, which is actually an amazing price when you consider the cost of cocktails. Check out the full range of take-home drinks and order your own here.

(Lead image: provided / Maybe Sammy / Salt + Kin Studio)

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