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Tickets For Sydney’s ‘Harry Potter’ Brunch Are On Sale Now!

Tickets For Sydney’s ‘Harry Potter’ Brunch Are On Sale Now!

Harry Potter brunch

Unless you’ve been living in a cupboard under the stairs, you’ve probably heard by now that a Harry Potter-themed brunch is coming to Sydney. And while the wizards behind it have been keeping mum about the details, we’re here to let you know tickets are on sale now!

Given that every muggle and his mandrake will be scrambling for tickets, the Wizard’s Brunch – which will take place the oh-so-appropriate Sydney University Great Hall in Camperdown – has been split into two immersive sessions: brunch (12pm to 4pm) and a later dinner session (7:30pm to 11:30pm).

Sydney University
Image: Jason Tong / Flickr

There are different packages available for both events – one featuring unlimited butterbeers and one without – and food comes as share plates, so you and your mates can all get in on the action.

But this isn’t your average feast. There’ll also be sorting ceremonies and wizardry lessons, and attendees are expected to don their formal robes for the occasion (as if you weren’t already planning to).


The Wizard’s Brunch (and Dinner) is scheduled for Sunday, May 13, and tickets are extremely limited, so we suggest you get on your Nimbus 2000. Food-only brunch tickets are $150 per person, while the unlimited alcohol package is $185. Food-only dinner tickets cost $170 per person, or $205 with alcohol.

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It’s an over-18s event, so you’ll need to have completed your N.E.W.Ts before you book tickets.

(Lead image: Warner Brothers)

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