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Level Up Your Next Brunch By Having It Inside The Darling Harbour Ferris Wheel

Level Up Your Next Brunch By Having It Inside The Darling Harbour Ferris Wheel

Brunch is hands down the best meal of the day, because it’s breakfast with a sleep-in and brekkie food is superior. I’m not taking any questions on this.

The one thing that could make it better though, is to eat brunch with 360 degree harbour and city views — possibly also while on a giant ferris wheel. Which is exactly what you’ll be able to do this summer in Sydney.


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The Darling Harbour ferris wheel isn’t knew, but my  god I still love a ferris wheel. What is brand new is the introduction of brunch sessions, taking place from November 14 to December 5. So yeah, I’m pretty into this mash-up of two things I love.

For $55 per person, you’ll get your own private gondola with up to four people and 30-minutes of brunch staples while slowly rolling around the 35-metre high ferris wheel, soaking in those beaut views. I can smell the brunch selfies from here.

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But yes, I know, what exactly is a brunch ‘staple’?

The full menu includes items like ham and cheese croissants, buttermilk waffles, cold cut meats, cheeses and crackers (hopefully in the form of a Charcuterie Chalet, but probably not), fresh fruit, yogurt, brownies, macaroons and a few other snacks.

The one big disappointment for me is that there are no mimosas. I mean I get it, alcohol and ferris wheels don’t mix, but still.

You can head to their website here, for more details and to book one of two sessions — at 9am or 9.30am. Enjoy spinning right round, baby, right round.

(Lead Image: Darling Harbour Tourism)

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