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Wish You Were Here: Park Hotel Vitznau

Wish You Were Here: Park Hotel Vitznau

Grab a seat, because this one might knock the wind right out of you.

Switzerland is home to a luxurious hotel called the Park Hotel Vitznau, a place that one might describe as sleek, modern and painfully stylish. It’s tops, but it’s actually what’s outside that’s caught our attention.

Oh, hello there.

Like any great hotel, Park Hotel Vitznau has a spa. But this is spa isn’t your regular spa; it features outdoor pools, a sauna, a steam room and an ice grotto, all beside some of Switzerland’s most breathtaking scenery.


The above infinity pool stretches from indoors to the open arms of the Alps, with lucky guests getting a front row seat to Lake Lucerne, its rugged mountain backdrop and its surrounds.

The hotel itself is nothing to write home about – just kidding! It’s also freakishly beautiful.

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Nice, nice, very nice.

The hotel offers long- and short-term residences, suites and junior suites each designed in impeccable style with state-of-the-art amenities. Park Hotel Vitznau’s three main areas are characterised in themes: Wine & Dine, Art & Culture and Health & Wealth – dibs on that last one, FYI.

If you’re considering a visit, but are put off by the price (900 CHF or $1214AUD a night) I’ve got three words for you: Treat. Yo. Self. If there was ever a place to do so – this has got to be it.

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