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Wish You Were Here: Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

Wish You Were Here: Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

If you’ve seen Alex Garland’s sci-fi thriller Ex Machina recently, you might have walked away from it feeling a little uneasy. The film, which is set in North America, deals with the growing future of artificial intelligence, blending futuristic undertones with modern technological sensibilities. Basically, you might have been a little freaked out by those remarkably human-like A.I.s.


But in between those intense scenes between Caleb and Ava the A.I. you may have noticed how amazingly beautiful Nathan’s house/research facility was  – and guess what? You can actually stay there.


Though the film is set in Alaska, Ex Machina was actually shot in Norway, at the idyllic Juvet Landscape Hotel – and there’s no need to worry, you won’t see any A.I.s walking around here, just some red-blooded humans ready to cater to all your needs and desires.

The hotel is both modern and futuristic – which is kind of the perfect setting for a science fiction film. Found in small rural village in Norway, Juvet is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the lush Norwegian landscape.


The hotel masterfully blends in with the surrounding nature with seven cubed rooms sitting on stilts overlooking the gorge below. The key here is the view – and there’s no guessing why. The rooms are purposefully dark in their interiors, so your focus goes instantly to the greenery outside.

Once you’ve settled, head to the closed off spa area located right by the river for some serious R&R.


It’s really no wonder the production team for Ex Machina chose Juvet for the home of their billionaire mastermind. Though the film exists in a world where artificial intelligence is possible, nothing in the film seems overly futuristic – and this hotel perfectly mirrors the innovative style of the film.


Prices start at NOK 1550 ($263AUD) per person for a double room with breakfast.

(Images: Juvet Landscape Hotel)

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