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Wish You Were Here: Hotel Caruso, Italy

Wish You Were Here: Hotel Caruso, Italy

When you look up the Amalfi Coast on Google Maps, the tagline is “picturesque coastline with steep cliffs,” and that’s no lie – this place is postcard perfect. Throw in luxury accommodation and a stunning infinity pool and you’ve got Hotel Caruso, a cliff top hotel overlooking the stunning Tyrrhenian Sea.


That is one perfect looking infinity pool. Hotel Caruso is an 11th century palazzo renovated to include a private garden, colourful fresco ceilings, historic interiors and luxury accommodation to boot.

Guests can indulge in perfect sea views from each room, breakfast on the garden patio and board the hotel’s wooden boat Ercole for an afternoon tour of the coast.


The hotel sits at the highest point in Ravello, a northern town that overlooks the Amalfi coast, and faces towards the Tyrrhenian Sea. Located along the road to the coast, Hotel Caruso is perched on a sea-view cliff that makes the above infinity pool look like it extends all the way towards the Mediterranean.


It’s pure bliss, and we want it now. Prices for Hotel Caruso start at €1500 ($2405AUD) per night for a four person suite.


(All images: Hotel Caruso)

The Amalfi Coast is just a 2 hour train ride from Rome – check out Qantas flights to Rome here.

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