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Wish You Were Here: Awasi, Patagonia

Wish You Were Here: Awasi, Patagonia

Dreaming of Patagonia? Us too – so here’s your best bet for a truly unforgettable Patagonian rendez vous.

Awasi Patagonia is a retreat nestled in a private reserve beside Torres del Paine National Park. It consists of 12 stylishly spacious villas, each crafted from natural procured wood and resembling old Patagonian shelters and ranching outposts. With sweeping views of the natural arena, each villa boasts its own private surrounding space overlooking the Torres del Paine massif, the virgin beech forests and Lake Sarmiento.


And did we mention each villa has its own hot tub? A fireplace, too. With state of the art facilities, cosy yet stylish interiors, and an in-house restaurant serving local gourmet dishes like Austral crab lasagne and Patagonian lamb shank, this will be one of those “pinch me” moments you’ll never forget.


Awasi is also an unrivalled base for excursions into spectacularly wild and remote parts of Torres del Paine National Park. Offering private excursions with a guide and a 4×4 assigned to each villa, each trip is planned according to your pace and preferences.


Just imagine waking up to this view every morning…

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It’s totally possible – all you need to do drop some serious coin. Awasi Patagonia will set you back $2284AUD for a three night stay including full-board and excursions.

(Images: Awasi and Awasi/Facebook)

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