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Wish You Were Here: Masseria Moroseta, Italy

Wish You Were Here: Masseria Moroseta, Italy

Nestled within a 12 acre olive grove on the outskirts of Ostuni in Puglia, this modern Italian getaway merges the old and the new in ways we’ve never quite seen before.

This white stone farmhouse is called Masseria Moroseta, and we dare you not to fall in love with it instantly. Its stylish white-washed walls are an homage to the nearby town – which is aptly nicknamed ‘La Città Bianca’ – and this haven truly does seem like a contemporary Italian fairytale.


The region is famous for its olive oil and wine, making it a must-see for travelling foodies. The farmhouse is surrounded centuries-old olive trees that make some of the best oil in the area, which you’re welcome to taste and take home with you.

Besides your standard amenities, there’s massages, a spa, a personal chef upon request, as well as a yoga course all available during your stay.


The two picturesque swimming pools are a lovely alternative if taking a dip in the nearby ocean isn’t what you fancy. Lounging seems to be the done pastime among Masseria Moroseta’s stylish guests with its peaceful surrounds making it the perfect place to chill, and chill hard.


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Rooms are available from $143AUD per night while a stay in one of their lavish suites runs at about $215AUD per night’s stay.


Oh and by the way, this is Beppe, their resident bulldog. He’s always available for pats. His white coat is also an homage to the region and its aesthetic. We’re pretty sure, anyway.

Image: Masseria Moroseta/Facebook

(All images: Masseria Moroseta unless stated)

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