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Winter Is Coming To Spain Thanks To ‘Game Of Thrones’

Winter Is Coming To Spain Thanks To ‘Game Of Thrones’

Planning a trip to Spain? If you’re not yet, you might want to consider it soon.

Game Of Thrones will be filming a portion of the seventh season in a tiny town in Basque Country. Located on the north coast of Spain, the small village of Barrika looks like the perfect place for Daenerys to get her fight on, no?

Where the Game of Thrones production goes, countless fans follow. Some previous locations used for filming became bombarded by fans as soon as word got out, and became the homes for many a’walking tour.


From volcanos in Iceland, coastlines in Croatia, castles in Malta, and harbours in Island.  The Klin Fortress in Croatia’s interest growth actually increased by 579% after GoT was filmed there. Yes, really.

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The great news is, there’s still time to get to Spain before casting in Basque Country on October 5. You know what to do.

(h/t: Conde Nast Traveller. Lead image: JoseluBilbo/Flickr)

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