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Travel The World With Your Favourite Celebs Thanks To This New Travel Company

Travel The World With Your Favourite Celebs Thanks To This New Travel Company

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To have a favourite celebrity is to admire from afar, mostly. We look on as actors from our fave movies, the writers of our favourite books, or world-renowned chefs skip around the world, living vicariously through their Instagram pages. Now, thanks to one travel company, you can travel with celebrities to some of the places they find most inspiring.

First up, not to crush you dreams or anything, but don’t expect to go on a jaunt around Los Angeles with Bey, or have Chris Hemsworth take you around Byron Bay. The celebrities are of a — shall we say — certain calibre. Not to say they’re unknowns, I’m just setting some expectations here.


Game of Thrones fans will be pleased to know that a vital cast member will be accompanying them if they book onto the tour around Iceland in September this year. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who played skull-squishing, hulking Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the show and is the strongest man in the world, will show travellers around his home country for five days from September 20 to 25.

Image: Rudolf Kirchner / Pexels

The trip will include activities such as lava caving, ice walks, visits to waterfalls and a volcano museum, and even a hike inside a volcano. It’s not a cheap jaunt, with prices starting at US$12,700 (AU$18,787) but who can put a price on fame? The cost includes five nights of accommodation, luxury transfers and touring and meals/drinks included on the itinerary. And, of course, the pleasure of Hafþór’s company.

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The celebrity tours, dubbed Luminary Experiences, are arranged by travel company Discover 7


If food is more your thing, you could head to Naples with Simone Falco, one of the top chefs from food theme park Eataly from October 1 to 6. Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin will show you around Paris and Normandy from August 6 to 11, and Tony Award–winning actor BD Wong will take you to Morocco from November 5 to 11. The other planned trip is with Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman from TV show unREAL and American Horror Story: Apocalypse, and he’ll show you around Milan.

Check out more opportunities to travel with celebrities at the Luminary Experiences trips page.

(Lead image: composite of image from Game of Thrones & HBO and Iceland, Rudolf Kirchner / Pexels)

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