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Welcome To The Resort To End All Resorts

Welcome To The Resort To End All Resorts

There’s a few things to tick off when you’re searching for the perfect resort: picturesque landscape, easy access to the beach, luxurious accommodation and maybe even a celebrity endorsement? Well the brand new BASK Gili Meno Resort, found off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia, has all that, tenfold. Welcome to paradise, you guys.


Found on one of the three islands in the Gili Island archipelago, BASK is all about blending the beauty of its surrounds with the modern and luxurious treats of five-star accommodations. The island boasts a dense natural forest, sugar-white sand beaches, and some of the post picturesque scenery in the world.

Take solace in the fact that at any day throughout the year, temperatures will be in the low 30s. Perfect or what?


A whopping 87 villas are available on the island, each of them a perfectly private enclave with a killer view. There’s tailored in-residence dining, maid and butler services as well as a bunch of 21st century conveniences to make you feel right at home.

Even the Hoff is a fan.


International celebrity and caricature of a human being David Hasselhoff has been keeping a close eye on the development of the BASK resort, and has reportedly been in talks to snag a beach-side villa all to himself. It isn’t hard to see why the Baywatch star has fallen in love with the location – you can tan, watch incredible sunsets, explore some of the world’s best reefs nearby and even just sit back and enjoy those turquoise blue waters for hours.

“I love the people,” the Hoff told BASK, “I love the attitude. I love Gili Meno. It truly is the best place to bask.” Fiercely on-brand there, Hoffster.



If you’re not too busy trying to Hoff-spot while at BASK, there’s also a bunch of incredibly cool activities offshore that might interest you. Deep-sea diving, snorkelling, surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding are all at your disposal, as well as a few on land treats like hiking and golfing.

Swimming in some capacity is a must though – you might even be lucky enough to spy a few giant turtles that inhabit the reefs just off shore. Don’t worry, they’re super friendly.


The only catch? You’re going to have to wait a little while for this bad-boy to open. As of January 2016, they’d just started preliminary construction so keep your eyes open for announcements on their opening.

We’ve got our Baywatch red swimsuits ready and waiting for ya Hoff.

(All images: BASK)

The Gili Islands are a 15 minute boat ride from Lombok, and a 90 minute ride from Bali. Check out Qantas flights to Bali here.

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