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Strangers Share Their Weirdest Inflight Experiences And Y’All Are Crazy

Strangers Share Their Weirdest Inflight Experiences And Y’All Are Crazy

weirdest inflight experiences

If you’ve spent any time in the sky, you’ll understand by now that flyers are, uh, trash monsters an interesting bunch.


Whether you’re keen on your seatmates or not, one thing’s for sure – there’s no escaping the extended period of time sharing a communal space with them.

From support squirrels to Spanish cowboys, we searched the wonderful and weird boards of Reddit to bring you 11 of the absolute weirdest inflight experiences.

#1 The World’s Greatest Fever Dream, But IRL

“My dad once had David Hasselhoff serenade him and the rest of first class against their will.” – D_CT_TX

#2 Don’t Fight It – We Are All Noodle Girl

“On a flight to Poland there was a girl who tried to seduce one of the cabin crew members so she could get free noodles.” – Styx1992.

#3 *X-Files Theme Song Begins To Play*

“The guy next to me vanished for at least half the flight. He got up to go to the bathroom, and I didn’t see him again until we landed. It was only a 727, so there weren’t a whole lot of places to hide.” – RichardStinks


#4 If You Ever Wondered What Happens When You Use Your Phone During Take Off  

“After the plane had been boarded, they shut the doors and gave the typical ‘door has been shut, please turn off all electronic devices’ speech.

“Well, this woman was still talking on her phone and the flight attendant came up to her and asked her to turn off her phone. Usually that’s enough but apparently not for this particular lady.

“The flight attendant again comes up to her and tells her she needs to turn her phone off, but she holds up her finger like a ‘hold on/just a minute’ gesture.

“This is when the gentleman behind her stands up, shows her his badge, and hands her a $13,500 (US$9500) fine. He was an undercover federal air-marshal” – Scantron007

#5 The Cutest Support Animal We’ve Ever Heard Of

“My grandpa was a flight attendant and he said that he saw someone petting a squirrel that they snuck into the flight in their carry on.” – jbOOgi3

#6 Never – We Repeat, Never – Fly Hungover

“I was very hungover on a flight back from Amsterdam and as the plane descended through the cloud and I couldn’t see the horizon I became disoriented and copiously vomited all over myself.

“The girl who I’d been chatting to rapidly moved to another row of seats, the stewardesses looked at me with unconcealed contempt and I had to shuffle through the airport covered in puke until I could find somewhere to attempt to clean myself up.” – F—kCazadors


#7 They Always Say Yee Haw, But Never Ask Haw Yee?

“I was seated next to guy in a cowboy hat one time who only spoke Spanish (I believe). He had a conversation with me the entire flight, breaking down in tears at one point, and all I did was look at him and nod occasionally.

“At the end of the flight he shook my hand and gave me the cowboy hat.” – vSity

#8 No, You’re Not Being Punk’d 

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“The woman sitting next to me told me I looked like Ashton Kutcher. Then every 10 minutes she’d ask me if I was sure I wasn’t him.

“It was a six-hour flight.” – Seameese.

#9 Whoever Smelt It Dealt It

“My wife farted. It stank so bad that I could hear people complaining three rows back.

“She pretended to be asleep. An air hostess walked up to me and started blasting me with some flowery air purifier. I got the full blame for it.” – cindyjohno


#10 Some People Need To Be Banned From Flying, TBH

“I saw a grown man with his shoes off biting his toenails.” – YoloSwag96Bruh

#11 NOPE and nope

“Saw a tray table get used as a change table. Never used my flip down table again.” – leggings4life

Responses have been edited for style and clarity.

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