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Behold This Super Bougie House In Sydney That’s Been Painted Like A Liquorice All-Sort

Behold This Super Bougie House In Sydney That’s Been Painted Like A Liquorice All-Sort

Every now and then, a house comes along that makes you wonder: WTF? Sometimes you can understand why the owner got a little carried away, like the guy who wanted to build a bubble house in Queensland. Other times, it simply doesn’t make sense.

The liquorice all-sorts house (listed on in the Sydney suburb of Castle Hill is one of those places that simply doesn’t make sense to me.

To me, it looks like they’ve taken a perfectly respectable house and turned it into a garish nightmare, but I’m no architect I suppose.

“The house opens to a grand foyer and takes inspiration from high end Italian fashion brand Versace,” says the description. A love of Versace starts to explain so much, if you ask me.

The fact is has a ‘grand foyer’ might have given this fact away, but she’s no small beast. There are also five bedrooms, a media room, several “formal and informal” living spaces, two studies, a powder room (which is the bougiest thing I’ve ever heard) and three parking spaces.

Oh, and a saltwater pool that is, apparently, “sparkling”, and also set amongst perfectly manicured gardens.

And yet, the outside is painted hot pink. Yes, the hottest of pinks, I’ve watched enough Selling Sunset at this point to know that’s a fast way to limit your buyers market.

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Inside, you have various shades of green and a range of animal print. Like, honestly, is Zoolander about to pop out from one of the doors?

Still though, it’d be one hell of a talking point when you had guests over into one of your many brightly-coloured entertainment rooms. Plus, every day would feel like a new adventure, trying to work your way through it all. Maybe I actually want the liquorice all-sorts house?

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