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Weekend Wanderlust: Bazaruto Archipelago

Weekend Wanderlust: Bazaruto Archipelago

Hey you! Yeah, you with the smashed avocado and dukkah-crusted eggs. Have you been dreaming of the perfect getaway lately but are a bit stuck for ideas? Maybe you’d like to go somewhere tropical with hammocks and swim-up bars? Or perhaps you’re after something more adventurous or off-the-beaten track? Don’t worry, AWOL has your back. It’s why every weekend we’ll be sending you some travel inspiration – from a beautiful image on Flickr to a #nofilter stunner from Instagram. We’re calling this series “Weekend Wanderlust”, and who knows? Maybe our weekend missive will help you make those travel dreams a reality.

Today’s inspiration comes from photographer Jody MacDonald who captured this incredible picture of a hand-glider landing on the shores of the Bazaruto Archipelago. This cluster of six islands off the coast of Mozambique, Africa, might just be the island paradise you’ve been yearning for.


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