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Can You Spot The Bar In This Laundromat?

Can You Spot The Bar In This Laundromat?

The Washhouse Manchester

Speakeasies are only as good as the facade they’re hidden behind, and this Manchester bar does an admirable job of keeping itself concealed.

Located behind a rundown shopfront styled like a small public laundromat, The Washhouse is definitely not the place to come if you’re looking for clean clothes.

The small, booth-lined bar is reached through a short passageway behind heavy door that looks like an industrial washing machine.

The Washhouse Manchester

Predictably, clueless punters have rocked up at the store with mounds of dirty laundry more than once, despite the bar’s very clear instructions that they “don’t cater for all your laundry needs and more. Our friendly staff won’t take care of your washing and it’s probably best not to let them loose near a washing machine.”

But while they may be useless at laundry, they make a mean cocktail and serve up an impressive range of local and international spirits and wine.

The Washhouse Manchester

Open since 2015, the bar only has space for about 40 people at any one time and is accessible by reservation only. If you’re keen to reserve a spot, try calling the number listed on The Washhouse’s website or Facebook page – just make sure you use a more reliable mode of communication than the dummy landline inside the laundromat.

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The Washhouse Manchester

How To Get There

  • Fly into Manchester Airport
  • ?
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(All images: The Washhouse / Facebook)

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