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Want To Stay In A Castle At Legoland?

Want To Stay In A Castle At Legoland?

We have some news that’s about to make your trip to the UK’s favourite theme park that much better. As of 2017, Legoland Windsor will have its very own Lego Winsdor Castle for you to stay in.

The ultimate hotel for lovers of Lego, the castle is intended to be “bursting with magic and merriment”, fitted out with a medieval theme as well as all the characters, merchandise and primary colours of the Lego universe. It’s simply a dream come true for your little brother. And you too.

Photo: Karen Roe / Flickr

Legoland, Windsor is located less than an hour’s drive from London. It has a mixture of Lego rides, buildings and toys for children. It already has a resort on the grounds but it’s not castle themed so it’s decidedly less exciting, of course.

According to the website, at the new Legoland Castle you can choose between a ‘Knights’ or ‘Wizards’ themed room. Rooms also come fitted with free lego, an in-room treasure hunt, games consoles, collectible Lego bricks and a dedicated Lego TV channel. There will also be a pool and a pirate themed play area for kids.

Photo: Legoland Windsor

While this sounds pretty good even for the grown up kids, the hotel is specifically designed with kids in mind. As such, all rooms come with a dedicated kids sleeping area with their own television.

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The hotel will open in July 2017 but is already taking bookings if you wanted to plan your holiday

(Lead image: Legoland Windsor)

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