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How To Get Tickets To The English Premier League From Australia

How To Get Tickets To The English Premier League From Australia

When it comes to football, there is nothing that really compares to seeing an English Premier League live in the flesh. But for many fans, especially those in Australia, that is easier said than done.

There are a few ways to secure yourself some tickets from Australia, all with varying degrees of difficulty and price — so it really depends just how dedicated you are.

Hospitality Packages

It’s no surprise that the easiest way to secure tickets is also the most expensive, and that’s the hospitality packages.

There are a bunch of different options when it comes to hospitality packages but basically it’ll include a ticket with a good seat in one of the premium areas of the stadium, usually with an added benefit like a match day dining option and sometimes even a night’s accomodation.

Prices vary but this is the way the EPL wants international fans to buy tickets, so it’s by far the safest way to get to a game without risking disappointment when you arrive at the stadium.

Keith Prowse Travel offer a variety of packages for every Premier League team.

Joining Your Official Supporters Club

If you support one of the major teams (coincidentally also the teams that are hardest to get tickets for), your state will probably have a supporters club that you can join.

Membership to a club will usually set you back $10-$20 for the season on top of the price of the official club membership, but can be helpful when it comes to getting tickets.

The official supporters clubs (make sure its the real deal, not a fake one) get access to a limited run of tickets to each home game throughout the season, which are then sold to fans from overseas.

This doesn’t guarantee you’ll get tickets to the exact game you want, but it’s also just a great way to meet new people who support your team in your local community — so you can at least get a beer and watch the game when you’re back in Australia.

Buying Through The Club Website

This is the cheapest way to buy tickets but also the hardest, by like… a lot.

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If you have an official membership, you can purchase tickets when they are released in the main sale at the start of the season. However, this process is usually awarded on a credits system, so the people who go to more games have more chance of getting the tickets.

Unfortunately, this means you’re basically out of luck as an international fan unless you’re super lucky — or if it’s a match that nobody really wants to go to. This may be an option if you support a smaller team, or your team is having a particularly bad run, but if you’re a fan of one of the big teams, you can basically rule this one out.

Do Not, And I Repeat, Do Not (!!) Buy Tickets Any Other Way

You’ll see countless other ways to buy tickets online, or on game day through touts and scalpers but I cannot stress to you just how much of a bad idea this is.

Clubs, and the Premier League itself, have really cracked down on this (and for good reason), which means you could be dropping a pretty penny on a ticket that won’t actually scan you through the gate come game day.

For more information about travelling to England to witness the glory of the Premier League, check out Visit Britain.

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