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A Study Has Revealed The Best Australian City For Quality Of Life

A Study Has Revealed The Best Australian City For Quality Of Life

Each year, we’re inundated with data describing the best cities in the world to live in and why. In fact, Melbourne has routinely nabbed the title of the ‘world’s most liveable city‘ in the annual Economist Intelligence Unit‘s survey. This time around, a study has looked into the quality of life – and one other Australian city does a pretty good job of ticking all the boxes.

The study, conducted by Mercer, is done every year and looks at the ideal cities for migrants to move to. Along with infrastructure, the study looks at public transport, ease of communication, sanitation standards, personal safety, and access to public services in order to determine the best of the best.

So which Australian city was found to have the best quality of life?

None other than Sydney!


The sun-drenched city just squeezed into the top ten, tying with Basel in Switzerland for the 10th spot. Overall, we did pretty well for ourselves with Melbourne and Perth nabbing the 16th and 22nd place spots respectively.

It’s pretty flattering for an Australian city to grab a spot in the top 10, especially when we had our other great cities trailing not too far behind. But with the beaches so close to the city, stunning parks and pretty great weather, Sydney totally makes sense when it comes to quality of life.


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The international study ranked all the cities across the world, with quite a few European cities making it into the top ten, including Zurich in the number two spot and Munich at number four. And the best city in the world for quality of life? For the eighth year running, Vienna took out the top spot. Onya Vienna. Turns out, if you were looking to relocate anywhere in Europe, Austria would be a pretty foolproof bet.

Our cousins across the sea also got a pretty generous ranking, with Auckland taking out the number three spot. We’ve been there, it is pretty great. Vancouver in Canada also rounded out the top 5.

Check out the full international ranking here.

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