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This Map Reveals The Most Popular Dog Breeds In Each Country

This Map Reveals The Most Popular Dog Breeds In Each Country

Humans have always loved dogs, but ever since lockdown it’s like that passion was dialled up to 11. Like with anything, favourite dog breeds are still subject to what’s ‘hot’ at the time.

So, what are the most popular dog breeds in each country? A UK home repairs website has the answers.

Using Google search data, they collated the most sought-after breeds in every country for 2021 and threw them onto a fun map for us.

Credit: Household Quotes

There were a few key findings. First, everybody loves a Rottweiler. It was the most popular breed in 34 countries, which was the highest number for any breed. This might seem kind of surprising, but when you consider how many countries like having a guard dog for their home it makes sense.

Having said that, the Australian Shepherd is the most searched for breed in the world, with “913,000 monthly hits across the 4 countries where it is number one”, according to the website.

Finally, there is a dog breed called the Cockapoo (LOL), and it happens to be the most popular dog in the UK (of course). Which is a mix of Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, which is probably obvious, but truly sometimes they should really rethink their crossover breed names.

Not all that surprisingly, because they’re absolutely adorable and because they’re popular farm dogs, Australia is all about the Border Collie.

Credit: Household Quotes

The rest of the Asia and Oceania regions is pretty pumped on the old German Shephard – like Pakistan, Bhutan and Fiji. The super cute Golden Retriever wasn’t far behind, winning the popularity contest in countries like New Zealand, Malaysia and India.

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Really, what this is telling me, is that it’s absolutely time to buy a dog. Or, in my case, for everyone around me to buy a dog so I can come over and enjoy pats but have absolutely no responsibility for it.

We even have a list of dog-friendly national parks you can take your fur baby along to, or opt for a luxe stay at QT.

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