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Update Your Bucket List; These Are The 20 Most Sought After Travel Experiences For Millennials

Update Your Bucket List; These Are The 20 Most Sought After Travel Experiences For Millennials

The priorities of young travellers are changing, and it’s a beautiful thing. Contiki  just released the results of its No Regrets List Survey, which saw the travel company poll almost 5,000 millennials from all over the world to see where their travel bucket lists were likely to take them.

The results? Well, there’s been a definitive shift away from partying towards a more experiential kind of travel; learning about other cultures and discovering local food proved to be the main priorities for young holiday makers aged between 18 and 35.

It should come as no surprise that an experience from the hottest travel destination in the world – Iceland – has topped the list. A dip in the nation’s famous geothermal pool, the Blue Lagoon, is the number one experience that young travellers are keen to tick off their bucket lists. The Insta-worthy spot is the country’s most visited attraction for a reason. The milky blue water averages between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius, and minerals like silica and sulfur – said to improve your skin – are abundant. It was also recently announced that as of 2017 there’ll be on-site accommodation, so really, you’ll never have to leave.

Yep, it’s a beauty.

Other bucket list experiences that made it into the top five were exploring pyramids in Egypt, walking the Great Wall in China, road-tripping through the US, and learning to make pizza in Italy.

Europe is still a winning destinations for young people, with eight of the top 20 experiences taking place on the continent, including sharing a kiss atop the Eiffel Tower and eating all (yes, all) of the gelato in Rome.

As far as Aussie encounters go, one fifth of the top 20 most sought after experiences are specific to Australia, with 40% of the  international travellers polled wanting to travel Down Under. Visiting the beach in Byron Bay came in at number four, while watching the sunrise over Uluru, snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and cuddling a koala all made their way into the top 20. So next time you’re talking about how great life is overseas, take a second to appreciate our homegrown experiences that are also widely coveted.


Check out Contiki’s ‘No Regrets List’ below, and start working on that bucket list:

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The Eiffel Tower

#1 Bathe in the Blue Lagoon hot springs in Iceland
#2 See the Great Pyramids of Giza
#3 Walk the Great Wall of China
#4 Chill out on the beach in Byron Bay
#5 Learn how to make pizza in Italy
#6 Roadtrip down the Route 66
#7 Float on a gondola through Venice
#8 Kiss someone on the top of Eiffel Tower, Paris
#9 Watch sea turtles lay eggs in Costa Rica
#10 Go on a picnic in the French countryside
#11 Party in Las Vegas
#12 Visit Yosemite National Park
#13 Watch the sunrise over Uluru
#14 Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
#15 See the Mona Lisa
#16 Try all the gelato in Rome
#17 Explore the Grand Canyon by helicopter
#18 Cuddle a koala in Australia
#19 Zipline through the Costa Rican rainforest
#20 Ride a bike through Amsterdam

Check out the whole list here.

(Lead image: Blue Lagoon)

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