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These Cult Japanese Desserts Are Headed For Melbourne

These Cult Japanese Desserts Are Headed For Melbourne


It’s no secret that Japan does quirky food better than anyone else. Purveyors of the weird and wonderful, locals dish up everything from colossal servings of rainbow fairy floss to Nicholas Cage-inspired corn treats.

And, soon, Melbourne will get a taste of Japan’s iconic cheesecake brand Uncle Tetsu, which lands in two brand new stores this year. Understandably, since this is the perfect intersection of our two favourite things (cheese and cake), we are very much on board.

If you’re wondering wither it’s worth the hype, suffice to say people go absolutely mad for this stuff. It’s not uncommon to see lines of at least 100 deep patiently waiting to get their hands on one of the deliciously fluffy and perfectly browned cheesecakes.

When the bakery opened in Sydney last year, queues stretched around the block and staff were forced to enforce a one-cheesecake-per-customer policy to ensure nobody missed out.

So far, all we know is two stores will be launching, one at 55 Swanson Street, and another in the middle of Melbourne Central.

For more information and updates, visit the Uncle Tetsu Facebook page.

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(Lead Image: Uncle Tetsu Australia

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