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Um, David Bowie’s Caribbean Holiday Home Is Up For Rent

Um, David Bowie’s Caribbean Holiday Home Is Up For Rent

Back in 1992, David Bowie told Architectural Digest about his new vacation home on the tiny Caribbean island of Mustique. He said, “It’s a whim personified. I love a good cliché, and this house, for me, is just the most delightful cliché… I wanted something as unlike the Caribbean as possible, because it’s a fantasy island, Mustique.”

The Starman’s onto something there. And lucky for you, you can now experience exactly what the late icon was talking about – if you have a few spare grand laying about.


Yep, Bowie’s $20 million mansion is up for rent for the very first time, and The Mandalay Estate is everything you’d expect from the genius.

There are five private bedroom suites on the 6.2 acre property, each with their own private verandas looking over the glorious backyard infinity pool, as well as a dining room, games room, study, several living areas and a lush private garden with waterfalls and koi ponds. David Bowie superfans will delight in The Studio too – a private little enclave within the property that once served as Bowie’s own recording studio.


The estate was built back in 1989 in an ornate Balinese style and features many of the original fixtures, furniture and styling from when Bowie was in ownership (which means yes, you can totally sit where Ziggy once sat). Bowie and wife Iman sold the home back in the 1990s to publisher Felix Dennis, and following Dennis’ death in 2014, the property was rumoured to be purchased by English multimillionaire Simon Dolan, who has put the property up for rent for the very first time.

Fingers crossed you get to have a yarn with the neighbours too; apparently Mick Jagger, Prince William and Princess Kate and Jeremy Clarkson all own properties on this exclusive island.


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Curious how much a night in Bowie’s infamous island home will set you back? According to CN Traveller, a cheeky $40,000USD ($52,000AUD) in the low season, and $70,000USD ($92,000AUD) in peak season. No big deal.


Start saving now, I guess?

(Images: Mandalay Estate)

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