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Wish You Were Here: Guana Island, The Caribbean

Wish You Were Here: Guana Island, The Caribbean

Though it may seem like renting an island for you and your mates is a far off dream – or something that’s reserved for when you’re all really rich and old – there’s really no time like the present to throw away all your inhibitions and splurge on a month long vaycay on a deserted tropical island. Our suggestion: Guana Island in the Caribbean sea.


Guana Island is a part of the British Virgin Islands, an archipelago nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the perfect spot for some serious luxury and adventure, but without the crowds of tourists. There’s dozens of sandy-white beaches with lounge chairs to waste the day away, or you can get sporty with some snorkelling, pedal boating, windsurfing and kayaking.

The story goes that the island got its name from the outward poking rock on the north point that looks remarkably like an Iguana head.

Pretty cool, right? (Photo: Jenni Lloyd Strovas)

The island is now privately owned by Henry and Gloria Jarecki and is one of the last privately owned islands in the world. Just FYI: the Jareckis also own the neighbouring island Norman Island, so these are the kind of people you need to be schmoozing with at the next Fortune Top 500 party.

Guana Island is accessible by private boat from Beef Island airport and can accommodate up to 32 guests. Prices start at around $22,000 per night to rent the island for you and 31 of your mates so start collecting those pennies.

(Images: Guana Island/Facebook)

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