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You Can Now Take Uber Boats Between The Croatian Islands

You Can Now Take Uber Boats Between The Croatian Islands

Get ready for the European summer – Uber has launched a new service in Croatia, allowing you to order Uber boats to get between the cities and islands on the coast. Talk about travelling in style.


Uber will operate both point-to-point transfers and custom trips for travellers in Croatia.

Transfers will shuttle you between the mainland and several nearby islands, including Hvar, Brač, Vis or the Elaphiti islands. You can even head out right from the centre of Dubrovnik.


Travellers can order custom trips to get away from the crowds. “The boat is yours,” says Uber. Check out any number of attractions off the coast – your captain will take you there. For up to eight passengers, the trip will cost kn330 (AU$72) plus kn29 (AU$6) per kilometre and kn2.60 (AU$0.60) per minute. While it’s certainly not cheap, we figure that’s not bad for your own custom exploration of hard-to-reach islands.

You can book your boat ride as normal through the Uber app.

uber boats app

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If you’re not sure where you want to go, have a chat with your captain. They have a wealth of local knowledge and will be sure to take you to some sweet local spots.


The Uber boats service was first launched in July 2018, but has expanded significantly since, with more boats, captains and destinations. Uber has previously offered boat and even helicopter services for special events, but this, the company told the New York Times, is their first attempt at a permanent presence, which could be rolled out to Greece, Spain, Thailand and the Caribbean.

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