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It Turns Out Travelling Actually Makes You Better At Your Job

It Turns Out Travelling Actually Makes You Better At Your Job

There’s never been a better time to ask your boss for that annual leave and leg it out of the country. Why? Because SCIENCE.

In her book Future Brain, Dr Jenny Brockhis argues that all your best ideas will only come once you’re away from your normal environment. That’s because travelling and experiencing new things helps with the all-important plasticity of the brain – the part that helps keep your brain flexible and creative. When you experience brand new things you are actually training your brain to adapt to changing environments, which is conducive to idea-making. And with studies showing a lot of people are taking less work holidays these days, maybe it’s time to pack up and expand your mind somewhere?


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Who knows what genius ideas you might dream up while you’re swimming in an underground cave in Texas, climbing the Swiss Alps or snoozing in a treehouse in Costa Rica? Eating interesting food, exposing yourself to new languages and being forced to navigate cities you don’t know makes you think about ~life~ differently, and gives you a fresh perspective. And when you do finally head back to work, your head will be clear and you’ll be ready and excited for new challenges.

So instead of overworking yourself and slaving at your desk until 8pm every night, take a break and head off somewhere new. And if your boss tries to argue, tell them it’s all in the name of #science.

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