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You Can Learn A Lot From Reddit’s Genius Travel Hacks

You Can Learn A Lot From Reddit’s Genius Travel Hacks

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When it comes to travel hacks, the best advice comes from the people who came, saw and conquered before you. Whether you’re trying to explore the world on a dime or just looking for some insider knowledge, there’s one place you’re sure to find it – the wonderfully weird threads of Reddit.

So before you jet off on your next overseas adventure, peruse their top travel hacks.


Get your learn on

“Try to learn just a few words of the language such as greetings. You’ll likely switch into English once the discourse becomes unsustainable in the foreign language, but showing even just a little bit of enthusiasm for someone’s language can go miles.” – viktor72

It pays to be organised

“Make the first photo you take of the place you’re visiting a photo of the place’s name (like the train terminal or similar). That way, you’ll be able to work out later where you took all your photos that day.” – Shishakli

Meal prep abroad

“Try to look for a nearby grocery store or food market and just buy some local groceries for lunch so you don’t have to spend like $30+ every meal. France was awesome for this, I used to get a $2 crepe for breakfast with a coffee and then a fresh baguette with fresh cut up chicken for just like $5.” – lemonylol

Better safe than sorry

“Be sure to know the number and location of your country’s embassy! If you get into trouble, it’s good to know.” – nommingdino

Bang for your buck

“If at check-in you are asked if you would like to pay to upgrade to another room, you should decline. They will often times then give you the upgrade for free. Hotels do this as a last ditch effort when the have oversold the room you originally booked.” – R3dditor

Smooth security

“I keep a gallon-sized ziplock bag in the outside pocket of my suitcase. Just before I get in the security line, I empty my pockets of everything and put it into the bag along with jewellery. Then the ziplock goes back into the suitcase.” – BradC


Cut carousel wait time

“I put coloured tape on all the corners of my checked luggage. It makes identifying your luggage at the carousel so much easier. Duct tape sells lots of distinctive patterns, or painter’s tape if you’re cheap.” – imperfectchicken

Stretch your legs (and your manners)

“I’m six-foot-nine and I fly a lot. Several times when I have asked at check in if there is a seat with more legroom there has been a handwritten note at the gate saying I was very polite, and to please upgrade his seat if possible. Being polite pays off more often than not, and I have never seen a rude person telling the gate staff off get an upgrade.” – Isthisinfectious

Be flexible with your time  

“When travelling, allow yourself to be flexible. Have general ideas of things you want to do and places you want to go, but keep an open mind. You will meet people who will give you advice on places to go and things not to be missed and, from my experience, these are always the best.” — AndreeAnneP

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Remember, it’s an adventure

Things will go wrong. Museums will be on strike, trains will break down, and you’ll forget to pack something you always bring. It is far better to look at these things as opportunities to change plans and do something different. Going into every situation with that attitude makes a major difference in having a bad day and having a funny story to tell when you get home.” –RioOnTheWestrnFront

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