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Travel Hack Of The Day: Visit Museums For Free

Travel Hack Of The Day: Visit Museums For Free

It’s no secret that travelling can come at a price. There’s food, activities, shopping, and more to spend your precious hard-earned money on. Luckily there’s a few ways to enjoy an artsy afternoon, without the price tag.


It’s a little known fact that most museums and galleries have elusive “cheap days” – sometimes it’s a discounted price, a bonus free exhibition, or even the holy grail of art galleries, free entry.

Take New York City for example – the go-to galleries and museums in NYC are MOMA, The Met and The Guggenheim. If you’re an adult wanting to visit each of these esteemed institutions, it’ll set you back $25 for each on a regular day.


But did you know MOMA is free on Friday nights? And on Saturday evenings, the Guggenheim has a ‘pay what you wish’ system?

This isn’t uncommon across the globe, with many galleries offering discounted or free tickets to eager museum goers who might be a little strapped for cash.

Take advantage of the first Sunday of the month as the Louvre, the Colosseum and others across Europe are free of charge. There’s usually deals on smaller state wide museums like the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Art Institute of Chicago in the US.

Locally, a lot of our art galleries are free including the Art Galley of NSW and the NGV International in Melbourne. MONA has an elusive free Friday once a year and is always free for all Tasmanian residents.


There’s also the option of becoming a member of the museum/zoo/gallery, and admission is usually free or discounted after that. Pro tip: research research research! You never know what cool deal you’ll stumble upon.

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