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Would You Pay $22 For This Cheese Toastie?

Would You Pay $22 For This Cheese Toastie?

The humble cheese toastie – the simple late night snack popular among young and cash-strapped individuals – has finally gotten a five-star makeover.

There’s no Kraft singles in sight – instead you have five different cheeses and decadent black truffles stuffed between two slices of brioche. This is one fancy sandwich.

This masterful creation can be found at Sydney’s newly opened Bennelong Restaurant in the Sydney Opera House. Executive chef Peter Gilmore has put a spin on this old favourite by adding five different cheeses from around Australia as well as some of Western Australia’s finest truffle. The cheeses vary from buffalo mozzarella and L’Artisan washed rind from Victoria, Heidi gruyere and C2 raw cheddar from Tasmania, and Paesanella ricotta cheese from local Marrickville. Are you drooling yet?

The fancy setting for your fancy sandwich (Photo: Bennelong Restaurant)

The ‘five cheese truffle toastie’ is a part of Bennelong’s bar menu and costs a not-so-extravagant $22. Go for it – get that night cheese.

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h/t The Daily Telegraph

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