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Wish You Were Here: Nasher Sculpture Centre, Dallas

Wish You Were Here: Nasher Sculpture Centre, Dallas

Dallas, quite like its sister city Austin, has recently become an all-out haven for arts and culture – something that you might not expect from the all-American red state of Texas.


The Nasher Sculpture Centre sits right in the heart of Dallas and you’ll find it right next to the signature BBQ joints and cowboy hat stores. Unexpectedly beautiful and intriguing, the centre exhibits some of the world’s best sculpture and design, all neatly delivered to you in a small bite.

The centre is a museum oasis right in the heart of downtown Dallas with both indoor and outdoor exhibition space. The spaces are quiet and large and are designed to allow 360-degree wandering around each of the contemporary sculptures.


The indoor galleries are seamlessly integrated with the outdoor galleries and offer a perfect little punch of green to your gallery experience. Pack a picnic lunch and perch yourself under a tree for the afternoon and soak up the vibes.


The Nasher Sculpture Centre is located in the Dallas Arts District and admission is around $10.

(All images: Nasher Sculpture Centre)

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