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Travel Hack Of The Day: Mid-Flight Yoga Poses

Travel Hack Of The Day: Mid-Flight Yoga Poses

Long-haul flights can be a little rough on your body and the ever present threat of deep vein thrombosis is always looming in the back of your mind.


So it makes sense that including a little light stretching and some easy yoga poses to your in-flight regime could save you in the long run. The experts at Expedia have enlisted physiotherapist and certified yoga instructor Dr Christopher Norris as well as a dozen gifted yogis from Iyengar Yoga Deutschland to create a handy ‘Yoga In The Sky’ guide to help you relieve tension and combat fatigue in the sky.

The guide begins with urdhva hastasana, a basic beginners pose. Don’t let the terminology scare you – these are simple stretches that you can achieve both while seated and while you get up for a quick bathroom break. They’re not too obtrusive either, and your fellow passengers will think you’re only a little weird when you’ve got your hands up in the air like a footy referee.

Here’s a few poses to try once you’re out of your seat.

Now that you’re armed with these invaluable poses, go forth – become a yogi of the sky and combat deep vein thrombosis.

(h/t Daily Mail, images: Expedia)

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