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Travel Hack Of The Day: A Skin Saving Sunscreen App

Travel Hack Of The Day: A Skin Saving Sunscreen App

With summer about to hit, it’s time to emerge from that warm spot you’ve been hibernating in and embrace the actual real life sun. Just remember to be smart about that whole skin thing – you know, for the sake of future you.


If you’re often terrified by not knowing how much or what type of SPF you should really be using, then we’ve found the perfect app that will guide you in the ways of slathering and sunblocking.

Say hello to SunSmart. This is an easy and free way of knowing when you need to break out the sunblock – you can personalise the app based on your natural skin type, height, weight, age, gender and location. SunSmart will then refer you to their sunscreen calculator to work out how much and where you need to apply.


There’s even handy reminders set up to warn you when you’re in the UV red zone, as well as two-hour reminders to reapply your sunscreen. SunSmart have even set up a handy Vitamin D tracker to tell you if you’re getting enough. Super convenient.

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