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Wish You Were Here: Tree House Lodge, Costa Rica

Wish You Were Here: Tree House Lodge, Costa Rica

So there’s this lodge in Costa Rica that’s private, nestled in a wildlife refuge, eco-friendly and is located right next to a 300 metre long secluded beach.

Where do we sign up?


Sitting right on the south Caribbean coast of Costa Rica you’ll find the Tree House Lodge, a 10 acre ocean-front property with five delightful private cabins at your disposal. The houses for rent are quiet and unique, each nestled in their own private quarter of the secluded property.

There’s the Beach House and Suite, the Tree House, the Garden House and the Crystal House. The most popular of the five is possibly the Tree House, a house built on tall stilts that brings you back to your childhood days of cubby houses and sand pits.


The Beach Suite is suited for groups of friends and includes a futuristic dome shaped bathroom with coloured glass peep holes and a huge jacuzzi inside.

Submerged in the forest, each house has been used using sustainable woods obtained from fallen trees. Most of the homes are actually built around the trees, including the Tree House bathroom which has been built surrounding a 100-year-old hardwood tree.


As well as the beach right at your doorstep, there are also a number of activities on offer at the Tree House Lodge including yoga, white water rafting, surfing, and a visit to the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

Prices start at around $250USD ($351AUD) for two people and vary depending on room. Gather up a few friends for a friend vacation like no other.

(Images: Tree House Lodge)

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