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Tokyo Lamington Just Released A Whole New Line Made With Native Aussie Ingredients

Tokyo Lamington Just Released A Whole New Line Made With Native Aussie Ingredients

If you’ve never tried Tokyo Lamington before, my friends you’re in for a treat. Known for wacky Japanese-inspired twists on the classic Aussie lamington, they’ve taken on a new challenge. Native Australian ingredients.

The success of this seemingly simple idea of fancy lamingtons isn’t surprising when you note that one of the owners, Min Chai, came from N2 Extreme Gelato and the other, Eddie Stewart came from Black Star Pastry — two very creative and delicious Sydney favourites.

They’ve partnered up with Melbourne Bushfood, “a social enterprise with a mission to bring Australia’s native  ingredients into every Aussie pantry whilst supporting the remote and rural communities who supply us”, according to their website. They source all their ingredients from Indigenous communities, wild harvesters and small Australian farmers to ensure a sustainable and ethical supply chain.

And now those ingredients are going into lamingtons.

“Native ingredients are known for being sharp, stark and distinct in flavour, often reflecting the landscape of their origin,” said Min Chai.

A joint-force of Aussie icons? I’m into it.

There are nine new flavours taking over the entire Tokyo Lamington menu for two weeks starting from January 20 (so yup, get in there right now) until February 3. For $7 each, you can expect the unique flavours of:

  • OG Native Jam – Cape York Lilly Pilly Jam & Vanilla Cream, dipped in Dark Chocolate Sauce and coated in Coconut Shreds.
  • Finger Lime Meringue – Finger Lime & Lime Curd, Vanilla Cream and dipped in torched Italian Meringue.
  • Chai & Pepperberry – Date & Chai jam, Vanilla cream, dipped in White Chocolate and coated with Coconut Shreds and Pepperberry.
  • Strawberry Gum & Cream – Vanilla Cream & Strawberry Gum Jelly, dipped in Vanilla Sauce and coated with Coconut Shreds.
  • Lemon Myrtle Lime Bitters – Lemon Myrtle & Lime Jelly with Bitters Cream, dipped with Lemon Myrtle Sauce and coated with Coconut Shreds.
  • Honey & Macadamia – Honey Butter with Toasted Macadamias dipped in White Chocolate and coated with Coconuts Shreds and Macadamia.
  • Pepper Leaf & Vanilla – Vanilla & Pepperleaf Cream, dipped in White Chocolate and coated in Coconut Shreds.
  • Davidson Plum & Chocolate – Davidson Plum Jam & Milk Chocolate Mousse with cacao nibs, dipped in Dark Chocolate and coated in Coconut Shreds.
  • Black Sesame & Wattle Seed – Black Sesame Cream, dipped in White Chocolate and coated with Black Sesame, Wattle Seeds, Coconut Shreds.

Have I tried them? You bet your arse I did. Well, some of them anyway, even the large cravings of my sweet tooth draw a line.

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The boxes weren’t even labelled, but they’re not kidding about strong flavours — I could definitely tell which flavours they were straight away.

Lemon Myrtle Lime Bitters is surprisingly refreshing. OG Native Jam was a little much for me, but to be hnest I blame that on the dark choccie sauce combined with me not liking dark chocolate. The last one I tested was Chai & Pepperberry and honestly my tastebuds are confused. It’s like a really spicy chai, but also cakey, and I did like it but it took me a few bites to get used to it.

Anyway, they’re super fun. Go eat some, you deserve it.

(All Images: Provided / Tokyo Lamington)

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