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This Sydney Café Is Dishing Up A Sweet Tooth’s Dream For Breakfast

This Sydney Café Is Dishing Up A Sweet Tooth’s Dream For Breakfast

the tiny giant

Arguably the greatest part of being a grown up is being totally in control of what you do, and when you do it. So, if you had a parent constantly on your back telling you to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast, listen up.

The Tiny Giant, a quirky little café in Petersham, Sydney has launched a brand-new Willy Wonka-inspired breakfast menu sure to satisfy even the most intense sugar cravings.


The newly-designed menu is one big and colourful tip of the hat to the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory musical, based on the Roald Dahl classic, coming to Sydney theatres in January, 2019.

Yep, the already super Instagrammable café has for sure upped the ante, serving dishes from all colours of the rainbow, providing guests with the ultimate nostalgic sugar rush.

So what’s expected of a Willy Wonka-inspired brekky menu? Well, there’s the Over the Rainbow, made up of colourful mascarpone, banana, caramel, hypercolour popcorn, and a gobstopper garnish.

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The Loompa Land features waffles, fruit, caramel sauce, ice cream in a cone, fairy floss and multicolour popcorn. And the drinks menu includes goodies like the Cheeky Charlie, an Oreo milkshake with whipped cream, cookies, chocolate syrup and coffee beans.

Ditch your morning espresso and start your day with an intense sugar rush instead! What could possibly go wrong?

The menu is available until the end of August.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Sydney Airport
  • Take the T8 towards City Circle to Petersham Station
  • Walk 240m t
  • The Tiny Giant – 110 Audley St, Petersham
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