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I Tried To Score A Date On Tinder Using Only Inspirational Travel Quotes

I Tried To Score A Date On Tinder Using Only Inspirational Travel Quotes

Whether they be from Dr Seuss or Gandhi, we know by now that everyone loves a good inspirational travel quote – but how much?

Could Insta-worthy ~wanderlust~ quotes be transcendent enough to be used as pick-up lines… and actually compel someone to take me on a Tinder date? They say desperate times call for desperate measures and look, that’s where we’re at this juncture in my life.


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The rules had been set, and are pretty straight-forward:

  1. Swipe right on everyone
  2. Open with/reply to someone using only — you guessed it — inspirational travel quotes from AWOL’s Instagram even if it had nothing to do with what they were saying and oh boy, it almost exclusively did.

Strap yourselves in, we’re doing this thing.

#1 I Agree Audrey, Paris Is Always A Good Idea

I don’t know about you, but a sense of adventure is a bloody important personality trait for a potential partner.

Considering I could only reply with inspirational travel quotes, finding a response to exactly where we would be embarking on our adventure was tricky – luckily, Audrey Hepburn had my back with her iconic quote from the 1954 film Sabrina, “Paris is always a good idea.”

And, as the love capital of the world, of course Paris a great (and most extra-as-hell) place to take a Tinder date, right? This match gets props for maybe the smoothest response imaginable.

BRB, booking flights for my shotgun wedding in Paris.

#2 Love Hurts

You know those moments when you meet someone for the first time, and it seems as though whole world is moving in slow motion for just a moment? It’s just you and them, and nothing else matters.

Yeah, this wasn’t one of those times.

After copping what I thought to be a pretty cool and smooth response, this potential love interest swiftly unmatched me, but not before I could screenshot the evidence of our meaningful-yet-fleeting romance.

I’ll never forget you, except I almost certainly will, and very soon.

#3 The Most Common Response

If you’re hardcore looking for a date and are so far thinking, “damn, this isn’t a terrible way to pick up,” let me show you what my most common response was.

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Radio. Silence.

And, it’s not like I was hitting up randoms – these people had already seen my profile and decided I was decent enough to match with. I very well could have matched, and ruined my chances with, the love of my life and look, that’s just something we will all have to deal with together.

#4 Hesitant At First, But I Think I Got A Yes?

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that this match thinks my job is cool? Little do they know I am currently talking to strangers on the internet for money.

Kidding! I love my job so, so much.

No doubt they’re hesitant, but I’m taking this as an overall success and am going to go on a date with this person.

Even if it’s not a love connection, I may have just found a new travel buddy.

The moral of the story is, while inspirational travel quotes fuel your wanderlust, they might not possess the power to fix your trash-fire dating life. But don’t give up hope! Did you know you’re more likely to fall in love while travelling?

All the more reason to book that trip you’ve been dreaming of, TBH.

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