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This Treehouse Sure Looks Like A Good Place To Stay On Your Mexico Trip

This Treehouse Sure Looks Like A Good Place To Stay On Your Mexico Trip

Playa Viva treehouse, Mexico

How does staying in a luxurious, eco-friendly, private treehouse overlooking one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world sound? Unroll the rope ladder, ’cause we’re in.

Welcome to Playa Viva, which is located in Juluchuca on Mexico’s Pacific west coast, where the climate is semi-tropical and the sun shines 300 days a year. The boutique accommodation balances luxury and sustainability across its many forms of lodging – but what we’re really here for is the treehouse.

Playa Viva treehouse, Mexico

The wooden cylindrical room is raised roughly 2m above the ground, where it’s perched among swaying palm trees, making for uninterrupted views of the ocean and surrounds.

Playa Viva treehouse, Mexico

The room has been fitted with a king bed, private bathroom, and a small lounge area with an in-floor hammock, because we’re pretty sure there’s a law somewhere that says you can’t have a treehouse without a hammock.

The area is famous for its natural, untouched beauty, and boasts some of the nicest nature walks in town. There’s even a turtle sanctuary you can volunteer at while you’re there.

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A night in the treehouse will set you back around $580 (US $445) per night, and minimum stays apply for peak and off-peak seasons. Your booking includes all meals, all beverages (except booze), daily yoga sessions, and free Wi-Fi.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Mexico City International Airport
  • Drive 570km (about 8 hours) via México 200D
  • Playa Viva Eco-Luxury Boutique Hotel and Yoga Retreat Center, Zihuatanejo, Juluchuca, Icacos, 40834 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico
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(All images: Playa Viva)

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