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Here’s How To Turn Your Out Of Office Into A Real-Time Photographic Travelogue

Here’s How To Turn Your Out Of Office Into A Real-Time Photographic Travelogue

“Hi, I’m out of the office from September 16, returning on September 26. For anything urgent, please contact my manager. Otherwise, I’ll respond to your email upon my return.”

Sound familiar? It’s because every single out of office message is exactly the same: useful – sure – but generally unvaried, unexciting and uninspiring, especially for something that heralds your completely rad and well-deserved vacation.

Now Qantas are banishing the boring auto-replies by launching a new tool that turns your out of office message into a real-time visual travelogue of your holiday. So instead of telling people you’re off work because you’re busy having the best time ever in Japan, you can show them.


Qantas Out Of Office connects your work email with your Instagram, gets some basic info about where you’re going and when, and updates your email auto-reply with all of the #qantasoutofoffice images you tag on your trip.

Now, anyone who emails you can see how much more fun you’re having at Tokyo Disneyland than sitting at your desk, populating your seventh Excel spreadsheet of the day. Sure, it might inspire jealousy, but it also might give that co-worker or client the inspo they need to go and book their own well-deserved trip. After all, science says that taking holidays makes us better at our jobs, so our bosses should understand.

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See how it works here:


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