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This Super Mario Bros. Hedge Maze Is Pretty Sweet

This Super Mario Bros. Hedge Maze Is Pretty Sweet

For people who like retro gaming and large-scale problem solving, there’s an awesome new hedge on display in the Newark Valley in New York that’ll spark a newfound love for your childhood gaming heroes.

Mario and Luigi have been honoured in a giant Super Mario Bros. themed hedge maze from the folks at Stoughton Farm. The two friendly plumbers have been creatively carved out of the maze alongside their Mario franchise buddies Toad, Yoshi and Princess Peach.


This large-scale work of art has been creatively titled The MAiZE (think about it for a second) and will be opened for visitors on September 17. The eight-acre corn maze will act as a centrepiece to a full day of fun that also features a tube slide, duck races, hayrides, a jumping pillow and food stalls.

Corn mazes mean one thing too… popcorn galore!

This isn’t the first time the owners of Stoughton Farm have used their farming abilities to create art. In 2005, the maze was drawn to look like a US 101 Helicopter. The following year, it celebrated the horserace at Tioga Downs, a neighbouring racetrack. Since then, the maze has bore images with a social message: 2008’s was an ode to renewable energy, 2009’s a push to promote literacy, 2014’s was about animal adoption, and last year’s had an anti-bullying message.


The farm’s first furore into pop culture came in 2012, with an ode to supernatural drama Sleepy Hollow. 

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Very cool.

(All images: Stoughton Farm)

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