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This Drone Footage Of Norway’s Fjords Is Making Us Feel Things

This Drone Footage Of Norway’s Fjords Is Making Us Feel Things

The fjords of Norway are one of nature’s most generous gifts; long, narrow inlets from the sea, framed on three sides by tall cliffs carved by glaciers millennia ago. They’re as beautiful as they are remote, found on the lightly populated western fringes of the northern European country – and we bet we can make you want to go there in just two minutes and 16 seconds.

17-year-old school student Simen Haughom filmed some stunning drone footage from Mount Kjerag earlier this year, giving a birds-eye view of the natural canal known as ‘Lysefjord’ and using his daring dad as a stuntman to display the sheer scale of the place. One shot sees his dad perched on a boulder that’s wedged between two sheer cliff faces with a one kilometre drop directly beneath it. It’s terrifying. It’s beautiful. It’s bewildering. (Just saying, if I asked my dad to do that, I’d be grounded forever, despite the fact that I’m technically a full-grown adult.)

Watch the video below, but be prepared to grip the arms of your chair if you’re not into heights. Then be prepared to book flights to Norway.


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