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Are You Game Enough For The World’s Biggest Hedge Maze?

Are You Game Enough For The World’s Biggest Hedge Maze?

If you ever needed another reason to visit the land of pasta, pizza and ancient architecture, Italy is also home to the world’s largest labyrinth maze, the Masone Labyrinth.


Located in the town of Parma – the home of parmesan cheese, not chicken parmigianas – the Masone Labyrinth was actually the result of a dare that clearly went too far.

In 1998, ex-magazine publisher Franco Maria Ricci declared he wanted to build the world’s biggest maze to inspire wonder and mystery for a new generation. His friend, poet and writer Jorge Luis Borges, said it could not be done, and so Ricci accepted the challenge and 17 years later, his dream was realised.

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This epic 20-acre star-shaped maze snagged the top spot of world’s largest maze from Hawaii’s equally impressive Dole Pineapple Maze in Wahiawa. The entire labyrinth was made using 200,000 bamboo plants, which is quite uncommon for your regular garden variety maze which usually uses hedges or trees as walls.

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Also the entire complex is dog friendly so you can wander aimlessly through the maze with your pup in tow.

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