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This See-Through Hotel Hangs Off The Side Of A Cliff

This See-Through Hotel Hangs Off The Side Of A Cliff

Everyone loves a room with a view, but the views at this one-of-a-kind capsule hotel are reserved for only the most fearless guests. The Natura Viva Skylodge hotel in Cuzco, Peru consists of three completely transparent geometric pods, hanging from a cliff-face high (400 metres, to be precise) above the floor of the beautiful Sacred Valley.


Each pod is constructed out of sturdy polycarbonate and aerospace aluminium and offers 300 degree views of the surrounding landscape. They cosily accommodate up to four people and include eco-friendly amenities.


But getting to the hanging pods is the real kicker – before you can kick back in your capsule for a relaxing afternoon of condor-spotting, you have to climb sheer, vertical cliff-faces (terrifying!) and whizz across ravines with a zipline or two (fun!).


For your trouble, a stay at the Skylodge comes complete with transportation to the base of the mountain, gourmet breakfast, dinner and snacks, professional guides to lead you to your pod, and complimentary wine (to help you relax after you’ve spent hours fearing for your life). A night in the adventure suite costs around $400.


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(Photos: Natura Vive Skylodge)

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