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This Secluded Treehouse Is Airbnb’s Most Wished For Listing

This Secluded Treehouse Is Airbnb’s Most Wished For Listing

They say solitude is bliss, and I reckon they were talking about this place when they coined the phrase.

Named Airbnb’s #1 most wished-for listing worldwide for 2016, this secluded treehouse is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and looks like the most relaxing, romantic and dreamy place to stay ever.


The treehouse consists of three separate rooms, each connected by rope-bridges (how very Hook!) There’s a living room fitted with antique furnishings, a bedroom for two featuring a cozy loblolly wood double bed, and a deck surrounding a 150-year-old southern short-leaf pine tree – the largest of the seven trees that support the treehouse suite.



All rooms are immersed in thick greenery, providing ultimate privacy and seclusion.


You’d expect a place like this to be located deep in the forest, but it’s not. It’s centrally located within the heart of intown Atlanta in a quiet, residential area.


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As one happy Airbnb guest reported, “It’s hard not to sound completely hyperbolic and ridiculous describing this place, but it truly is wonderful.” You don’t need to tell us twice.



A night at the treehouse will set you back $525AUD per night.

(All images: Airbnb)

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