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You Can Blast Off Into Space On This New Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

You Can Blast Off Into Space On This New Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

If there was any particular scientific advancement that signifies “the future”, it’s gotta be virtual reality head sets. Peering into another world, or even the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, from the comfort of your own couch is pretty exciting, so it makes sense that some genius decided to merge this sensory experience with the one thing that’ll make it all feel completely real – an actual roller coaster. Total Recall, here we come.


Welcome to Galactica, a brand new roller coaster at the UK’s Alton Towers. Riders of Galactica will strap themselves into this roller coaster as normal – actually, you’ll be face down, but more on that later – and be taken on a fast-paced g-force journey to the depths of outer space. Passengers on Galactica will be wearing Samsung gear VR headsets, equipped with built-in 3D sound headphones, and a whole 360 degree view of your dark and sparkly destination.

Possibly the only downside of regular VR headsets is that it’s really a head-only experience – the rest of your body is awkwardly sitting at home while your mind is taken to an entirely different world. By introducing the roller coaster, flying through space will feel a whole lot realer because you’ll actually flying around Alton Tower’s Staffordshire setting. For three whole minutes you’ll be thrust through brightly coloured worm holes and peering off into distant galaxies on your galactic journey.


Okay, so the flying thing. Passengers are placed face down on their stomachs so as to make the “flying” a little more Superman-like. The twists and turns of the track are synchronised with the video in your headset so it feels real.

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Galactica is opening in April of this year. Take a look at the promotional video below, and be sure to book your flight into outer space ASAP.

So. Keen.

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