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This Might Just Be The Best Harry Potter Cafe Yet

This Might Just Be The Best Harry Potter Cafe Yet

It doesn’t matter how many books we buy or movies we see, merchandise we spend money on or elaborate Golden Snitch costumes we create for dress up parties (true story) – our love for Harry Potter will never falter. In fact, it’s only growing stronger – especially with the news of a new themed cafe opening in yet another corner of the world.

Welcome to The Hogwarts Cafe in Islamabad, Pakistan – the next addition to your Harry Potter travel bucket list.


Opening its Hogwarts crest emblazoned doors earlier this week, The Hogwarts Cafe is a one-stop shop for Potterheads. It’s decked out to look like the Great Hall, with the walls adorned with floating candles, framed photographs, broomsticks and newspaper clippings from The Daily Prophet. On every shelf, every table and every corner there’s something to admire – even a giant mural depicting the first page of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

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The menu is meticulously on point as well. Try a Godric’s Hollowed Burger or a Half-Blood steak and finish it off with some of Hagrid’s famous Rock Cake (a delicious dark chocolate cake). Wash it all down with a cocktail too – a Feliz Felicis, a Wolfsbane or a helping of the cafe’s home-brewed Butterbeer.

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As well as food, the store also sells mugs, golden snitches and time turners.

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(All images: The Hogwarts Cafe/Facebook)

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