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Camplify Is Like Airbnb For Campervans So You Can Live Your Best Van Life For Cheap

Camplify Is Like Airbnb For Campervans So You Can Live Your Best Van Life For Cheap


Think about it – campervans are like a hotel on wheels, that you don’t have to share with randoms and that come with as many or as few luxuries as you choose to wave your stick at. Now there’s a new sharing economy for campervans and motorhomes called Camplify.

Camplify is like Airbnb for campervans, basically. It lets you hire somebody else’s perfect campervan or motorhome, so you can enjoy all of the above luxuries without dropping mad bank on your very own vehicle.


It’s actually got all kinds of campervans, caravans, motorhomes and camper trailers. If you’re like me and didn’t know there was a difference between those four things, Camplify makes it easy to scroll through your options and find the best thing on four wheels for whatever kind of trip you’re planning.

It’s got listings all across Australia, and some of them are pretty wild, like this converted 1050s London bus (double-decker camping, anyone?):

Camplify - The Brit Stop
The Brit Stop from

Or this chrome-plated Airstream van that looks like a retro sci-fi spaceship:

Camplify - One Lazy Sunday
One Lazy Sunday from

There’s even one with wood-panelled interiors that comes with a vinyl record player.

Camplify - Boxy Lady
Boxy Lady from

It’ll depend on what van you hire, but prices start at $35 a night. If you’re on the other end of the deal (aka, one of those people who owns a campervan) you can put it up for hire to earn some extra cash.

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Camplify is an NRMA partner and so every hire comes with free Roadside Assist and insurance to keep you safe as (motor)houses.

All you have to do to get started is sign up for Camplify – it’s freeee – and then you can search for holiday homes on wheels in your area and live your best #vanlife.

(Images: Camplify)

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