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Japan Has A Pet Hotel

Japan Has A Pet Hotel

Japan is a land of that prides itself on great utility and simultaneously, fantastic excess, but we’re not sure which category this falls into. The Pet Inn Royal is a hotel designed specifically for your furry friends. No, it’s not a “pet friendly” hotel, it’s accommodation solely for your pets. You’ll have to make other arrangements, soz.

(Photo: Jesse Barker/Flickr)

Located in Tokyo’s Narita Airport, the hotel is run by veterinarians and is designed to house pets while their owners are on vacation. Just like a human hotel, the rooms vary in size and price. Going cheap? Better stay in the cabin! Got a bit of scratch to throw around? Spring for the private deluxe suite! Have a fussy puss? Stick them in the silent cabin! The five star hotel has 170 rooms all up, all of which are air conditioned and “scented”.

The Pet Inn Royal also sports a “dog field” and pet gymnasium where you can watch the animals play. The best thing is the Royal doesn’t just provide accommodation for cats and dogs; it also has suites for rabbits, hamsters and ferrets. Hopefully they’re not all allowed in the gym at the same time…

(Lead image: Justin Scott-Salvador/Flickr)

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