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This Is The Least Boring Camping Resort In The World

This Is The Least Boring Camping Resort In The World

At the Waldseilgarten camping resort in Bavaria, Germany, guests are poised with one simple question: would you rather spend the night hanging off the tree tops, suspended over a cliff face, or inside a hand-built igloo?

The Waldseilgarten Adventure Resort participates in extreme camping, a new craze that involves pitching your tents in unusual and sometimes dangerous locations. Of course in Germany, they like to take things up a notch.


During the warmer months of the year, Waldseilgarten hosts adventure nights out – guests can climb high above the dense forests of Pfronten, found in southern Germany, and set up elevated portaledges. From these fabric-covered platforms, you can see far above the rarely-seen German countryside.


If that’s not enough nature for you, guests can also choose to sleep on an overhanging platform on a cliff face, which measures between 1000 and 2000 metres from the ground. Another option is the igloos – with the assistance of the Waldseilgarten staff, campers can build their own igloo and sleep close to the summit. Pack for warmth as inside your cold cave temperatures tend to stay at around 3-4ºC. (N)ice.


As well as offering a thrilling night in the wilderness, the resort day activities like ziplining, archery, hiking, rock climbing, skiing as well as high ropes and obstacle courses.

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A camping extravaganza like this will set you back around EUR125 ($185AUD). Keen as beans.

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(All images: Waldseilgarten)

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